Friday, 11 January 2008

Holidays and new things

We went away on holiday to Willow Point. It is Grandma’s house. It has a lake, with a jetty and a raft. Tata also put up a swing for me. There’s a big lawn where I could ride my bike.
There were lots of people staying with us - Rob (who is my uncle), with his girlfriend Gina, Phil and Brenda (who are my uncle and aunt), Grandma and Tata, and then lots of other friends, and Sheba (the dog). There were also lots of mosquitoes. I learnt that mosquitoes bite me and make me very itchy. Then Mommy has to put itchy cream on the spot, or hold it tight for me, so I don’t scratch. When I scratch it bleeds and is very sore.

I fell down a flight of stairs at Thane and Ruth’s house (my other uncle and aunt). I had a horrible bruise next to my eye where I landed on the step. I also had a bruise on my leg from rolling down the stairs. I also fell into the pool there. Ruth had put bubbles into the pool and there were lots of bubbles, so I didn’t see the edge of the pool. I stepped off and sank. Mommy was right there though to pull me out. I only cried a little bit.

I got another bruise on my head on the other side when I dived off the raft into the canoe. I didn’t realise that someone would help me to step into the canoe, and I was so used to diving off the raft into the water I thought it would be the same. I was very sore and I cried.
I had fun on holiday. I miss having lots of people around to play with, but I’m glad to be home with my TV and my toys. I missed watching TV a lot.

Mommy says I’ve learnt to kick very nicely. I have a ring with spiders on it that I swim with. I also have special orange arm bands that I can swim with. I prefer my ring to the arm bands because I feel safer, but today I swam with just the armbands and it was better cos I could use my arms more. Daddy was jumping into the pool with me with just my armbands on. That was a lot of fun cos if I had my ring I wouldn’t have been able to hold his hand.

On Wednesday night we went to swim at Simon and Heather’s house. They are my godparents. We also had supper with them. I had a whole bowl of rice with orange sauce, and then another half a bowl, which also had some chicken mixed in. Mommy and Daddy were very surprised by this because I don’t eat proper food at home. I eat proper food at nursery, but only because all the other kids do. But I decided to eat proper food because Simon and Heather were also eating. They have nice kitties I like to play with.

Now it’s time for me to go to bed. I don’t like going to bed. Every night I ask Mommy or Daddy to ’sleep me’, because I don’t like falling asleep when everything is different. Things are different now because I’m still getting used to sleeping in a big girl’s bed, and we’ve been away on holiday for AGES. Maybe Mommy will ’sleep me’ tonight.