Monday, 10 January 2011

It's a cousin thing

Last year I got my first haircut when we were on holiday. This year, I got another haircut. This time I also got to have my hair washed. It was nice - it felt like little spiders - very tickly. The hairdresser had a special chair so that I didn't get water in my eyes or my ears!

Mom and Dad say I look like a pixie with my new haircut - that I look very cute.

My cousin and my brother came with me. He was a bit miserable cos he was so tired. Before:

and after:
And during:
We didn't get an end shot of my cousin's hair, but because her hair is so curly, you couldn't really see too much difference.

Then, for being such good girls, we went to get icecreams while Nathan had a sleep and Mommy got her hair cut.