Monday, 31 October 2011

New school

This evening Mommy and Daddy and I went to my new school to meet my teacher for next year and to see my new classroom. I was VERY excited about it, but also a little bit nervous. I wanted to take Leo with me, but Daddy said that some of the other children might think that was a funny thing to do, so I left him in the car instead.

My classroom is the same one that Mommy had when she was at this school! I can't believe Mommy was ever that little! Mommy said that if there was time tonight she would show me a photo of herself on her first day at school, but when we got home there wasn't time for that - I had to shower and then go to bed. Maybe she'll show me tomorrow.

I have a lovely teacher. Her husband works with Mommy, so I'd met her before. There are lots of my friends from pre-primary school who are in my class, including my best friend! That means that I will have friends to play with when I come to school.

Tonight we got to draw a picture, eat a picnic supper, and then we went to play. (While we did that, Mommy and Daddy had a meeting where my teacher told them all the things they need to know for next year.) The school has kept our picture - I don't know why they want it, but maybe it's because they want to put them up at the start of next year like my Bumblebees class did this year. I had SUCH a fun time.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


Over the past few months I've been growing tadpoles. We caught them on Rondebosch Common and since then they've been living in my bedroom. I feed them pondweed and fish food. First they grow back legs, then front legs, and then their tail disappears.

Once they grow front legs, Mommy and I put them in another container and then we release them. Some we've released in Mommy's pond at her school. Others we've given to Oupa to put in his pond. Oupa has a HUGE frog in his pond, and some fish, so I don't know if my frogs will be eaten by them or not, but Oupa loves frogs, so I want him to have lots.

Here are some photos of some of my tadpoles.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Photoshoot - Nellie

Susie Harris-Leblond did a photo shoot for us in our home. This is my favourite collage of Nellie.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Music lessons

I've started having piano lessons with Mommy. She's teaching me how to play and to read music. It's a lot of fun, but there are LOTS of new words to learn, and it's very hard. But Mom says I'm doing very well!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

At my cousin's party today

My little cousin had her 3rd birthday today, and it was a Peter Rabbit party. We got to wear these cute rabbit ears and eat a yummy Peter Rabbit cake. We also got to play at Playshed for AGES. It was the best party EVER! (just like my brother's party, which was also a good party...)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Medicine time

Sometimes Nathan and I play nicely together...

I love chocolate!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I love going to the Aquarium - Daddy takes me on my own for "daddy-daughter-time" and every time we go, I get Daddy to take photos of me, and usually in the same places every time :-)
Penguin Posing
With the Nemo fishies
Penguin pose again!!
Diver with the sharks
And again!!!
In front of the sharks
Nemo returns!
The Lindt Easter Bunny!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

I love swimming

Mommy and Daddy say I'm getting really good at swimming now. I'm learning to dive from the edge of the pool, but I can also do forward and backwards somersaults!! Even Oupa says I'm very clever.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Sometimes I like my new school, and sometimes I don't. We don't get to play as much as we used to last year, and I don't like that. But my teacher is very nice, and very clever. She knows all sorts of things!

I've made a new friend at school - Mia. I went to her house for a playdate last week. Then, the next day, my aftercare teacher got the days mixed up and told me I was going home with Mia again. Mia's granny took me home with her, and Mommy had to come and fetch me. Mommy wasn't cross with me, but she was very surprised. Until she had spoken to my aftercare teacher, she thought that maybe I had just organised to go home with Mia!

I've also started going to gym with Mommy. I like the gym - I get to play on the climbing wall, or on the Jimmy Jungles frame, or watch TV, or draw, or paint, or do all kinds of things. Mommy goes twice a week, which is a lot of fun!

I've also started having swimming lessons again - but this time I'm with my aftercare teacher. I like swimming, but she makes me swim hard. Still, I'm learning all sorts of fun things - like how to dive. I can now pick up the divers on the bottom of the pool ALL BY MYSELF - no-one has to push me down anymore. The pool is very cold, so afterwards I always have to dress warmly. Daddy comes too - he swims lengths while I have my lesson. It's nice to do something special with Daddy and with Mommy, something that doesn't involve Nathan.

I do love my baby brother, but sometimes he's very annoying - like when he stands in front of the TV, or when he breaks up my puzzle, or when he tries to take my toys. Then I get very cross with him. But he can be very sweet too - like this afternoon when we were jumping on the trampoline and he was copying me. We were jumping, then jumping onto Mommy for a hug, and then falling down on the trampoline again. It was lots of fun!

Monday, 10 January 2011

It's a cousin thing

Last year I got my first haircut when we were on holiday. This year, I got another haircut. This time I also got to have my hair washed. It was nice - it felt like little spiders - very tickly. The hairdresser had a special chair so that I didn't get water in my eyes or my ears!

Mom and Dad say I look like a pixie with my new haircut - that I look very cute.

My cousin and my brother came with me. He was a bit miserable cos he was so tired. Before:

and after:
And during:
We didn't get an end shot of my cousin's hair, but because her hair is so curly, you couldn't really see too much difference.

Then, for being such good girls, we went to get icecreams while Nathan had a sleep and Mommy got her hair cut.