Sunday, 27 February 2011


Sometimes I like my new school, and sometimes I don't. We don't get to play as much as we used to last year, and I don't like that. But my teacher is very nice, and very clever. She knows all sorts of things!

I've made a new friend at school - Mia. I went to her house for a playdate last week. Then, the next day, my aftercare teacher got the days mixed up and told me I was going home with Mia again. Mia's granny took me home with her, and Mommy had to come and fetch me. Mommy wasn't cross with me, but she was very surprised. Until she had spoken to my aftercare teacher, she thought that maybe I had just organised to go home with Mia!

I've also started going to gym with Mommy. I like the gym - I get to play on the climbing wall, or on the Jimmy Jungles frame, or watch TV, or draw, or paint, or do all kinds of things. Mommy goes twice a week, which is a lot of fun!

I've also started having swimming lessons again - but this time I'm with my aftercare teacher. I like swimming, but she makes me swim hard. Still, I'm learning all sorts of fun things - like how to dive. I can now pick up the divers on the bottom of the pool ALL BY MYSELF - no-one has to push me down anymore. The pool is very cold, so afterwards I always have to dress warmly. Daddy comes too - he swims lengths while I have my lesson. It's nice to do something special with Daddy and with Mommy, something that doesn't involve Nathan.

I do love my baby brother, but sometimes he's very annoying - like when he stands in front of the TV, or when he breaks up my puzzle, or when he tries to take my toys. Then I get very cross with him. But he can be very sweet too - like this afternoon when we were jumping on the trampoline and he was copying me. We were jumping, then jumping onto Mommy for a hug, and then falling down on the trampoline again. It was lots of fun!