Sunday, 27 June 2010

My World Cup holiday

It's the World Cup Soccer. That's why we're going away. Mommy and Daddy say the city is too busy and noisy. Because I'm both South African and British, I asked Mommy to draw their flags on my cheeks almost every day of the holiday!On our way to PE we stopped at Monkeyland. Next time we're going to go to the bird place again cos I don't remember going there before even though Mommy says we went there last year. When we had lunch in the parking lot this peacock came to share it. We fed him lots of bread.
These are the monkeys we saw - we saw lots of these ones.
This is a lemur - not the ringed lemurs like King (whatshisnameagain?) who says "I like to move it move it" - Mommy took photos of those ones, but they didn't come out too nicely. Did you know that monkeys have tails and apes don't? And lemurs came before monkeys OR apes. They must be very old.
At the Oceanium in PE, there were no dolphins. They had been sent away. But there were dinosaurs. This big, scary one TERRIFIED me. It moved it's head, eyes, and breathed, and made horrible loud noises. Daddy tried to pick me up to let me touch it and I started crying. I didn't like this dinosaur statue at all. Later Mommy took me back and then it wasn't as scary - because I knew that it was just a statue. But it was still scary.These statues also moved, but their tape got stuck when Mommy wanted to take a video, so she just took the photos instead.
This is the baby seal called Nellie!! She's still learning all her tricks.
This is my friend Zoe. Well, ACTUALLY, her mommy is friends with my my mommy. We stayed at Zoe's house for 2 sleeps. Here we are watching the penguins doing their 'March of the Penguins'.They also had a jumping castle at the Oceanarium.

We stayed in Oudsthoorn for two sleeps. We went to the Crocodile Farm. These are the crocodiles.
They also have lots of other animals there - like this Wallaby.
And porcupines,
And white lions. He's eating a donkey.
This is an orange tiger (Bengal) - like Shere Khan is in Jungle Book. This is a white tiger. He's just a baby - younger than Nathan. The guide said that when he's big his paws will be as large as dinner plates. His paws are already big, even though he's a baby.
This is a baby cheetah.
These are some smelly River Hogs. They can swim.
These are flamingos. They were just swimming around and around their island.
We went to the Cango Caves while we were in Oudtshoorn. The caves were very dark and a bit smelly, but some of the rocks were pretty. We only went half way because Nathan is too big for Mommy to carry through the small holes, but he was sleeping the whole trip anyway so I don't think he enjoyed any of it.

I'm glad to be back home. I liked Zoe's house because I could see Mommy and Daddy's room while lying in my bed, but I like my house because it's got all my things in it. Willow Point was freezing, so Daddy made us fires every night. But Nathan had to share my room and he kept waking me up, so I didn't like it there this time. Then Mommy and Daddy moved him to sleep in front of the fire, and that wasn't fair either cos I also wanted to sleep in front of the fire.

But now we're home again and Nathan is getting better so he doesn't wake me up anymore AND I got to go to one of my best friend's parties over the weekend and have special party food that Nathan isn't allowed.

I wish we could go on holiday ALL the time.

Monday, 7 June 2010

More photos of me

Mommy has had some time to upload photos and video of me from her phone. Yay!!

This is one of my best friends. She was going to stay over, but later decided that she missed her mommy and daddy, so she went home. Nathan's learning to feed himself. What a messy boy!!
This is one that Daddy took of me when we went to the museum. It was fun standing in the middle of the teeth. They were very sharp!
This is another one that Daddy took of me when we went to the Two Oceans' Aquarium. I'm in the middle of the tank where they have a crawl space for little children like me.
And this is my NEW party dress. Uncle Rob bought it for me, all the way from China.