Saturday, 31 January 2009


Yesterday we went to Daddy's school for a braai with his friends. I was riding my scooter, very fast, when I fell over and into a table. The table was hot, and so I burned myself on my arm. [Ed: we were having a spit braai, and the metal table was heated by water pipes to keep the spit warm after being removed from the fire.]

Mommy & Daddy didn't know the table was hot. I wanted a plaster, but Mommy said I couldn't have one cos there was no blood. I had to tell Mommy that even though there was no blood, I wanted a plaster, because my sore was hot. Then everyone started running around to get ice and a towel and a special spray and a bandage to put on my arm. Everyone said how brave I was, because I sat with the cold, wet towel on my arm without crying.

Now my burn is starting to blister. Mommy says I'm not allowed to touch it because that will make me sick and make my burn more sore. I have a very special spray and bandages to put on it. Mommy said it would take a while to get better. I hope it gets better soon!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

No no no no no

You know, sometimes parents can be very silly. Or maybe I'm just getting big enough now that I notice. Today, driving home in the car, I was asking Mommy what this thing on my neck was. She thought I was asking about some house I'd seen out the window.

'No, no, no, no, no!' I told her. She gets very cross with me if I shout at her, so I was trying very hard not to, but it was soooo difficult, because she was being so silly.

'No, no, no, no, NO!' I said again. 'What's THIS? It sticks out when I turn my head.'

'I can't see what you're looking at because you're not pointing to it,' said Mommy. But I was sticking my neck out for her to look at. Eventually, she turned around in her seat and looked at me, and then she saw what I was talking about. 'Oh that,' she said. 'That's a tendon'.

A tendon. Hmm... I still don't know what that is.

'Why?' I asked her....

Sunday, 18 January 2009

At Belinda's

Mommy and Daddy went to visit their friend Belinda this afternoon. I had great fun cos I got to play in the coolest little house ever! Mommy has put a photo on her blog. I then got to swim in their pool and put leaves into the sucky thing. I also got to play with some puzzles and eat biscuits. It was a fun afternoon!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Big girls don't cry

Our holiday is finished now. I'm going to nursery again, but this year I'm in Teacher Debbie's class, because I'm a big girl now. And I'm a very big girl because I haven't cried once when Mommy has dropped me off in the morning. Mommy said so.

(But I still make poopy pants.)

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Some photos

Mommy has uploaded some of her photos onto Picassa. You can see them by clicking on the photo below.

Christmas Holidays 2008


We had a fun holiday. First we went to stay with my cousins on Uncle Thane's farm. There were lots of dogs, so Baggins and Alyssa had lots of friends to play with too.

I saw cows, and War. War is my cousin's horse. He's very big, and black. I got to see the cows being milked. We also went to another farm to see piggies. They had just been born.

We swam lots. I didn't like swimming in the dam because it was too cold, but I did like swimming in the pool. Mommy and Daddy gave me a yibo (lilo, Ed.) just like Mommy's, and a hippo (inflatable hippo, Ed). I fall off the yibo, but I love my hippo. Daddy and my cousins had a lot of water fights. At first I was very scared, but then Mommy told me they were just playing.

We camped, and I got to sleep on my new air bed in the tent. Mommy found a scorpion in my bed one evening. She didn't show it to me, but she did show me the tok-tokkie (Dung beetle) that was outside our tent.

Father Christmas came and left lots of presents in my stocking - but he got confused and put all my presents in Daddy's stocking and all Daddy's presents in my stocking, so Mommy had to fix it for us.

My big cousin Jemma let me have some of her blue juice (Energade, Ed) and I liked it so much Mommy bought me my own bottle of it.

While we were at the farm, we drove home to visit Grannie to surprise her for her Happy Birthday. It was a long drive, but Grannie was very surprised and loved her presents.

Then we went to Willow Point with my cousin Ariana. She's still a baby and can't really play with me, but I like it when she smiles at me. We were going to camp there too, but then we didn't. We stayed in the bunkhouse instead. That was nice cos Mommy slept right next to me. Every morning I got to swim with Grandma and Tata in the lake. The lake was very salty. I got to jump off the raft when I said 'one, two, three, BLAST OFF'. That was a lot of fun.

We went to the river and the beach a few times, and ate supper on the beach one night. I made lots of sand castles and swam in the waves. I got to see jelly fish and blue bottles. Alyssa and Baggins had never seen a jelly fish before and didn't know what they were.

There was a big rain spider in one room, but Daddy put it in the garden so it couldn't hurt us.

We went for a very long drive one day, to go and see the birds and monkeys (at Birds of Eden, near Plett, Ed). I enjoyed that. The monkeys kept trying to grab my lunch!

The mozzies also tried to eat me up. Mommy said she counted nearly 40 bites on me! They were so itchy they would wake me up at night and Mommy would have to put itchy cream on me. Daddy got bitten by a tick and now is very sick. (He has tick bite fever, Ed.)

Mommy and I had our hair cut. Now I have short hair. Grandma says I look very grown up.

I found a new drink that I really like - Tizer (Grapetiser, Ed.). Mommy let me have some of hers and I liked it so much that now I ask for it all the time.

It was Grandma's happy birthday too. She got magic candles that wouldn't go out, so Daddy and Uncle Phil had to keep blowing them out till they stopped being magic.

Now our holiday is finished. When I go back to nursery, I'm going to Debbie's class because I'm a big girl now. Mommy says so, hey Mommy?

New haircuts