Saturday, 14 March 2009

Party time

My cousin had her party this weekend. It was at the Blue Train! I got to go around FOUR times because the driver forgot to stop. Wheee!!

Then I got to play on the best jungle gym ever. Even Mommy & Daddy were impressed by it. I hope they build me one like it in our new home.

My other cousins were there too, and poor Emmy had a plaster with no pictures on it on her chin. She was jumping on a bed this morning and fell off and hit her chin and even with the plaster on you can still see lots of blood. I told Mommy I would be a good girl and not jump on my bed. I don't want to get an owwie like that.

Last night I got to sleep at Grandma and Tata's house. It was fun! Then Daddy came and we all had lunch together. Last weekend I slept at Ouma and Oupa's house, and my other cousins all came for supper. That was fun! Mommy said we can go away on holiday with my cousins again to the farm. It's all I've been talking about for days now. I really want to go, but Mommy says it's a lot of sleeps before then... I want to go now. I love the farm. Next Friday I get to sleep at Granny and Grandpa's house. Then Mommy and Daddy will fetch me and we'll go to visit my cousins again for a braai. I like playing with my cousins, even if they boss me around a bit because they're older than me.

When my "brother baby" is born I'll be older than him, so I can boss him around. Mommy lets me talk to my "brother baby" in her tummy through her belly button. I say good night to him every night, so when he's born he'll know who I am. I hope he won't be long. I want him to be born now. Mommy said that when he's born she will have to go to the hospital and spend a few nights there with him to make sure he's not sick, but that I can come and visit with Daddy, and Grandma and Tata, and Ouma and Oupa, and Granny and Grandpa, but not the dogs. Dogs aren't allowed in hospitals, only people.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

At Kirstenbosch (the statue park)

My favourite place at the statue park is with the gorillas. Every time we go I have to go and give them each a cuddle. They look so sad, and they don't have a mommy to make them better. Daddy always says he's sure they feel much better after I give them a cuddle, but I'm not so sure, cos they never smile.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

I'm learning...

... to poo on the toilet! 3 days in a row now I've made a poo in the loo. Mommy and Daddy are very excited because I'm learning to be a big girl! No more pooey panties to clean up. Yay!