Wednesday, 23 December 2009

School concert

This is me, singing my solo. I had to sing "I see the moon".
After that, I was a sun in the planets song...
"The sun is the centre of us all. Without gravity we would fall. With a nick-knack paddywhack, take a rocket ship - we are going on a trip..."

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Yesterday Mommy and me had some 'Special Mommy-daughter' time. We went to see the 'Elves and the Shoemaker at the Baxter. Today I was going to have 'Special Daddy-daughter' time. I decided that I wanted to go to see the fishies at the Aquarium, but I wanted to take Nathan with us. I also wanted to take the dogs.

Me: Daddy, can we take the dogs with us?
Dad: No, my love.
Me: Why?
Dad: Because the dogs will eat the fishies.
Me: But there's glass - they can't get to the fish behind the glass!

Then Daddy fell about laughing. I got very cross with him for laughing at me. He does that a lot!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Who needs Van der Graaf?

Today we went to play at Sumo's at SuperPlants in Bothasig. By the time I'd finished playing, this is what my hair was doing!!
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Monday, 14 December 2009

Nellie sings Jingle Bells

I've been singing Christmas songs. Mommy thinks this one is really cute...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

My birthday!

For my birthday, Mommy and Daddy took us to the Waterfront. We got to play in the stones (Scratch Patch), have a picnic and go on a boat ride. I even got to see seals and dolphins on my birthday. The boat was a bit scary cos there were big waves, and I was worried the waves would come into the boat, but they didn't. Every time we went over them we all shouted "WHOA", which was fun, but Nathan didn't like it as our shouting made him scared.

My best present... Mommy and Daddy bought me a 2nd Leo a long time ago, just in case I lost my Leo. So Ouma and Oupa bought me a baby Leo for my birthday. Now I have a Daddy Leo, a Mommy Leo and a Baby Leo - a whole FAMILY of Leo's!!
My best friend. She came to spend the afternoon with me, before the party, and then came home with me again after the party. It was such fun having her to play with me!

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