Saturday, 10 April 2010

My holiday

We had a lovely holiday. We went to Grandma and Tata's house in Sedgefield. It was a LOOOOOOONG way, hey!When we got there, we saw this funny slug thing in the lake. We also found hundreds of them when we went down to the beach. They were all in the river. Mommy let me touch one. It was slimy. Daddy thought we were mad for touching it and ran away from us when we tried to touch him! It was very funny.
We couldn't find the hammock, but Mommy did put up the swing chair for us, and Nathan and I sat and swung together for a while.Here's a photo of me and Daddy playing catch. I'm getting very good at catching now!Morning times are special too. It was dark and cold when we woke up, so we'd usually snuggle with Grandma and Tata in their bed for a bit, while Mommy and Daddy snoozed a bit more. Then we'd get dressed and play. This is me with my Leo and Nathan with his Leo. Nathan likes his Leo because he sees me with my Leo. I don't like Nathan to play with my Leo, that's why he has his own Leo. I used to have two Leos, but I gave one of them to him.
Before we left Grandma insisted that we take a photo on the jetty. This is a tradition.Nathan is getting more fun to play with all the time. I love my Nathan as wide as my arms can stretch!