Monday, 2 November 2009

Water photos

This is me, floating, with Batasha [Natasha].
And this is me with the toys I'm learning to fetch from the bottom of the pool. Batasha lifts them up with her foot a bit so I can reach them. She's trying to get me to put my face in the water. I'll blow bubbles on the water, but I really don't like getting my face wet.
And this is the turtle we saw at the Kwarium [Aquarium]. When we went I took all my fishes along so I could show them to the fish. I showed my shark to the shark, my lobster to the lobsters, my Nemo fish to the Nemo fish, and my turtle to the turtle.
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A Conversational item

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy can be SO ANNOYING. The other day I was trying to talk to Mommy and she walked away, into the kitchen. I was trying to tell her how to sing Concert Songs [the kids at nursery have been learning the songs they're going to sing for the end of year concert, Ed] and she wasn't listening. "MO-OM," I called as I followed her to the kitchen, "Honestly!"

I still don't understand why Mommy was crying. Why did she cry if she thought I was funny? And why did she think I was funny?