Friday, 23 October 2009


Daddy took me to a swimming lesson the other day. I had a lot of fun! There was a small doggy who sat on the steps while I was swimming and watched me. Natasha [the swim instructor, Ed] was nice.

Afterwards, Daddy told Mommy how proud he was of me because I swam all on my own without needing him to be in the water with me.

I hope I go again soon.

[She will be going twice a week from now on. I hope to take photos this coming week. Ed]

Saturday, 17 October 2009

At the 'farm house'

[All buildings are 'houses' to Nellie. The 'farm house' refers to the From the Earth Expo at the CTICC, held this weekend.]

This morning we went to see the animals at the farm house. Mommy was very excited to see the Emu chicks. I was scared cos I thought they would peck me.
Then Daddy and I went for a bit of a walk around while Mommy stayed to play with the chicks. When we went back to find Mommy we found this man instead.

He didn't do a very good job because he cut the scissors too close and made the sheep bleed. After watching him, we all walked around a bit again and Mommy took me to go and practice how to milk a cow. It felt very weird. I didn't like getting my hands all wet with the milk.

There were lots of animals. I'd never seen these ones before. They're called Alpacas. They're cousins of the camel and the llama. The farmers in South Africa use them to protect the sheep from jackals. This is what they look like with all their wool on them.
And this is what they look like when it's all cut off.
Then Mommy saw a friend so she stopped to chat while we went to see the pigs. That's why there are no photos of the pigs. They were very cute. When Mommy came and found us we went to see all the other animals. There were lots of different types of goats, sheep and cows. There was also a very big horse feeding her baby. The daddy cows - what are they called again, Mommy? Bulls, my love. Oh yes, bulls! - the bulls were very big and I was scared of them. This one is called the Afrikaner and is one of the - what's that word again, Mommy? Indigenous. Oh yes, indigenous - cows. That means they have always lived here. Not like the other cows. The other cows didn't used to live here. They used to live far away and they had to come here by ship.
These ones had big horns that could hurt you, so I didn't touch them.

We also saw lots of baby animals - baby chicks, cows, sheep and a baby horse. Here are the baby sheep with their mommy. The daddy sheep wasn't there because he decided to stay on the farm.
There were also lots of little shops selling food like cheese and biltong. Mommy and Daddy had a lot of fun trying the food, but I wasn't hungry.

What a great day we had! I really like this farm house!

Friday, 16 October 2009


I have started to write numbers [letters, Ed]. I can write a Janel, Ethan, Hannah, Leo, Ariana, Oliver, Timothy and Imtiyaaz. [At nursery the kids are learning their letters by learning what each of the children's names start with, so Nellie thinks each letter's name is the name of the child. Ed] Mommy is very proud of me and gets very excited when I start drawing them.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fun walk

Today we had a fun walk for nursery. We had to bring our wheels, and decorate them and ourselves as 'Flower Power'. There were prizes for the best dressed and I won a prize! We had a lot of fun going around the canal in Pinelands.
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