Saturday, 10 March 2012

My new school

This is a video Mommy took of me in my class. There's no sound, because Mommy felt it was not a good idea to let other people hear what was going on, because she said that she didn't want nasty men to know the names of my friends. Here we're practicing learning how to write the mmm pattern.

And this is me on my first day.

I LOVE school. I LOVE homework. I get very upset and sulk when homework is finished.

On Mondays I do cricket and then Granny fetches me. Sometimes she takes me for an icecream. On Tuesdays I walk home with Priscilla - it's a long way. On Wednesdays I do swimming (but sometimes I forget my swimming costume at school after PE on Tuesday, and then I can't do swimming on Wednesday and then Mommy gets cross with me). Sometimes Daddy fetches me, and sometimes Uncle Tim or Oupa fetches me. On Thursdays Grandma fetches me after ballet. On Fridays Mommy fetches me. I wish she could stay at home with me, but then she has to go back to work.