Sunday, 13 July 2008

All growing up

Yesterday at supper time, Mommy made me pizza. When she put it on the table, she had already cut it into smaller pieces for me. I was so thrilled, I said: 'Thanks Mom. You're so clever!' Mommy was as pleased as punch. I know, because she got this big grin on her face and her eyes got all squidgy.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


[Ed - I'm really sorry... It kept loading photos sideways, although they'd never been taken sideways, and now I see it's loaded the video sideways too... I really don't know why it's being so difficult today. Anyway, at least one photo has come out correctly, and at least you can see the video if you turn your head!]

Today Mommy took me and my cousins to see the snow at Ceres! It was great! We had a lot of fun - although it was very cold, and my nose got wet. I don't like getting wet. I really don't like getting wet. After about 45 minutes I'd had enough of having a cold, wet nose, so I told Mommy I wanted to go home.
I didn't like anyone throwing snowballs at me - I don't like getting wet! But it was fun to throw them at other people!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Fishies at the Kwarium

Today Mommy took me and my cousins Jemma, Gabi and Julia to the Kwarium to see the Fishies! It's been raining ALL weekend, and it was raining AGAIN today, so it was nice to be able to go out cos I was getting very bored at home. Daddy stayed at home cos he was vomiting. Poor Daddy!

I got to see the Nemo and Dory fishies, and the big eel, and the penguins! This one was having a bath, and he came very close to us, and then SPLASHED ME!
There was also a puppet show, with an eel who ate an octopus, and a shark who ate a fishie. It was fun! We also saw divers in the shark tank. They didn't wave at me because they were too busy watching the sharks and making sure the sharks didn't eat them.

After the Kwarium, we went shopping and Mommy bought me some proper puzzles. Yesterday I managed to do my first proper puzzle all by myself. Well, actually, I've been doing them at nursery, but Mommy and Daddy only saw me do one for the first time yesterday. The ones we have at home have only got 2 pieces to them, so Mommy decided to get me some 4 piece puzzles. I haven't done them yet - I'll try tomorrow.

After buying puzzles we went out for lunch. I got to have a pizza all to myself [only a large slice, actually, but she ate very well and polished off about 2/3 of the slice!, Ed] AND THEN we got to have icecream afterwards [Frozen yoghurt, actually] with chocolate in it. Mommy kept trying to steal my chocolate! [I did not. I was trying to help her find it, cos it was in between two layers of frozen yoghurt, Ed.]

Here I am with Julia. It's raining, again. I was very tired here, so Julia was holding my hood on because I was too tired to do it myself, and the wind was blowing it off so I was getting wet. I don't like getting wet from the rain.
[Note from Ed: She was such an angel today! Even though she missed her morning nap, she didn't whine, or cry, or have a tantrum. I was so proud of her! Back in the car, it took her all of 3 mins to fall asleep - if I hadn't been driving I would have taken a photo of her she was so cute!]

Friday, 4 July 2008

Daddy's cold

Daddy was lying on the couch tonight, feeling very sick. He was shivering, so I asked if he was OK, and he said he was cold. So I went to ask Mommy to help me get a blanket. She thought I was cold, so she brought me one of my little blankets. I asked her to put it on Daddy instead.

Daddy was still cold, so I asked Mommy for another blanket for him, so then she went to get a big blanket. I asked her to put it on Daddy, which she did. But Daddy was still cold, so then I went and got all our coats that were hanging on the backs of the dining room chairs and I put them on Daddy. But he was still cold, so then I took everything I could find to put on Daddy - our shoes, DVDs, books, the TV remotes, everything off the coffee table.... Mommy came into the room again, and when she saw what I was doing she just wanted to hug me, but she didn't understand that I couldn't stop because I was BUSY HELPING DADDY cos he was cold.

So then Mommy went to get ANOTHER big blanket [actually, a double duvet this time, Ed]. Before she could put that on Daddy, she had to take off all the other things I'd put on. Because I'd gone out of the room to find more stuff to put on Daddy to help him feel warm, I wasn't there when she started taking things off. When I came back into the room, she was taking all these things off Daddy, and I got cross because - didn't she realise? - Daddy was getting COLDER!! But she wasn't listening to me, so I got even more frustrated, and so I sat down and cried.

But then Mommy gave me a cuddle and explained why she had taken everything off Daddy, and once she'd put the duvet on, I got to help her put the jackets back on Daddy's feet. And then I felt better. Poor Daddy. He's very cold tonight!

Party fun


About a week ago, Mommy and I were driving in the car, on the way home from Grandma and Tata's house. We often talk in the car, about nursery, about things we see. Mommy started to tell me that everyone has at least 2 names, and that I have another name. I got a bit upset about that - I'm Janel. I don't want another name!

My name is Janel, I told Mommy. Yes, Mommy said, but your real name is Janel B-M. NO! I said. It's just Janel. Ok, said Mommy. I don't WANT another name... I just want to be Janel. I got quite upset with Mommy telling me that I had another name.

Then Mommy asked me who 'My Munchkin' was. Me, I replied. And who is Nellie Noepie? Me. And who is Baby Girl? Me. You have lots of names, Mommy said. Hmm.... I had to think about that one.

A few days ago, on the way to nursery, Mommy asked me again about my other names. I'd been thinking about what she said, that I already have a lot of names. I wasn't so upset anymore about having another name. But I can't really say my other name - it's long. Mommy says it's a mouthful.

Then, yesterday, on the way to nursery I turned to Mommy and said my other name out loud, to check that I had got it right - and Mommy didn't understand what I was saying! But after a few tries and questions, she figured it out. She was so proud of me! Sometimes Mommy is weird.