Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sunday, 25 November 2007

The princess and the potty

My grandma bought me a story about the Princess and the potty. The princess has to learn to use the potty. The princess doesn’t like the potty at first, but she learns to like it. Then one day, when she REEEELY needs the potty, the king and queen can’t find it in time, so she wees on the floor. I like that story because it has nice pictures.

I’m learning to use the toilet. Mommy and Daddy have got a nice soft seat for me that fits onto the toilet and I sit on that. I’m getting very good (if I don’t have a nappy on!) at telling Mommy or Daddy that I need to wee or poo. Yesterday I told Daddy I needed to poo. He put me on the toilet and I did a fart. I thought I was finished, so I got off. But I wasn’t. Because Mommy and Daddy had friends to visit, they were outside when I then needed to go to the toilet again. I called, but they didn’t hear me, so I had to poo on the floor.

I went to call them afterwards, and they weren’t cross with me. I did my poo next to the toilet because I couldn’t get up to it myself. Maybe they will buy me some steps so I can climb up.
Today I did a wee in the toilet again, and I nearly made it to do my poo in the toilet too. Mommy wasn’t listening to me - again - so I had to start pooing outside. (Ed - This toilet training thing only works when one’s PARENTS are trained, methinks!)

Saturday, 24 November 2007

School concert

We’ve been practicing hard at nursery for WEEKS now for the concert. It was today. I didn’t sing because I was too scared by all the people. There were a LOT of them, and I didn’t know any of them. But I did row my boat and do the actions for ‘Wheels on the bus’. Mostly, I spent the time inspecting the cuts on my legs. They are sore.

Mommy and Daddy and Granny were there, and Mommy said she was so proud of me for being so good. We got South African flags to wave when we sang the Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, but instead of waving mine I was trying to figure out how they put the stick into the flag. Daddy says I look like I’m playing ‘air guitar’!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I want my potty!

I have a story about a princess and her potty that I love looking at. There is a lovley picture of the princess shouting, “I WANT MY POTTY!” where the princess’ face is all scrunched up and her cheeks are very red.

Last night in the bath I thought I would pretend to be the princess. I’m getting very good at not weeing in the bath, but getting Mommy or Daddy to put me on the toilet. Last night I managed to hold it again until Daddy could come take me out of the bath, but I had to shout really loud: DADDY, I NEED MY POTTY!

So I did a wee on the toilet, and then, before Daddy could take me off, I announced, “I do more wee-wee,” and I did ANOTHER wee. How clever is that? Mommy was VERY proud of me and clapped her hands, while Daddy just laughed.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Daddy no nasty

Mommy is very silly. We went out to Kirstenbosch (a VERY big garden) yesterday, which was very nice. (I got to see a fountain, chase some geese, roll on the grass, and eat the chocolate off Mommy and Daddy’s Magnum icecreams). While we were there, Daddy, Mommy and me were all playing together. Daddy was tickling Mommy, and Mommy called Daddy a bad name. She said Daddy was ‘mean, horrible, nasty’. And I said, “No, Mommy, Daddy no nasty.” Mommy and Daddy both laughed at me when I said that, but I’m not sure why.

Today I also made Mommy and Daddy laugh. I took my little blue bag that I sometimes use to pack my bathing things in if I’m going to bath at someone else’s house, and I packed some bath things in it. Then I pretended to be Mommy, leaving for work.

“Bye Mommy, I’m going now.” I then walked out the room. Then I called from the kitchen (just to check Mommy was still playing with me and listening to me), “Mommy! I’m back now,” and ran back into the room for a big cuddle and kiss. We didn’t do the ‘last touch’ game at the window because I’m too little to reach up to the window by myself from outside. I wonder if Mommy got as upset when I left as I do when she leaves?

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Party time!

On Saturday I went to my cousin’s birthday party. She turned two. I turn two at the end of this month. My cousin’s name is Emily (Emmie). This is a photo of Emmie with another cousin, Georgia (Georgie). Georgie and I play together sometimes.
Here are the 4 girl cousins… Emmie, Georgie, Hannah behind her, and me. You can see we’re family!
After the party, when everyone else had gone home, some of the cousins had a bath together. This is me with Hannah and Emmie.

Today we went to the seaside with my friends from nursery. Mommy didn’t take any photos of me, because it rained while we were there, but we still had fun! I got to build sand castles and ride on a train.